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All HQF managed facilities are staffed with an on-site highly qualified and experienced Facility Manager and Fitness Trainer. With a professional presence during normal business hours at all locations our managed facilities offer patrons:



We Offer


Annual Contracts


Semi-Annual Contracts


Service Add-ons



Individual Personal Training Sessions


Group Personal Training Sessions


Group Fitness Classes


Well Being


On-Call Massage Therapy Services


Nutrion Advisors


Health Fairs


Health Management

High Quality Fitness, LLC (HQF) was established with a vision to provide Information, Education and Motivation to people desiring to maintain healthier  and fit lifestyle.  Our mission is to offer Corporate Buildings and their tenant Companies the opportunity to give their employees and clients a safe and clean atmosphere to achieve their fitness objectives from professionals.

Our Managers

  • Professional guidance on fitness


  • Assistance  and demonstration on proper use of exercise equipment


  • Confidence in a secure and manned fitness facility


  • Immediate response to equipment repair


  • Quarterly Maintenance support of all exercise equipment


  • Assurance of a clean and comfortable fitness facility atmosphere


  • Managed atmosphere for entertainment harmony (monitoring electronics, selecting televisions channels to balance viewing pleasure and music selections that keeps everyone motivated!)






Our company is amongst the leading top fitness facility and health management organizations in the  entire Washington DC Metropolitan area.  Our services are highly sought after by large building management companies, private organizations, and various industry supporters of health and fitness because of our broad knowledge and expertise of the fitness industry.



HQF currently manages multiple top-notch corporate fitness facilities in a  professional and healthy environment.  In an HQF managed facility, all clients and patrons of facility are regarded with the highest level of professionalism.